Playing with an aesthetic of decomposition, she stages characters with mute and incomplete bodies, immersed in an abyssal atmosphere. By degrading the negative with bleach, she cuts through the bodies with blue and vaporous forms. The negative becomes an extension of the artist’s skin, and damaging its surface becomes a form of therapy to combat a tendency towards self-harm that she experienced as a teenager. This work, as an expression of her internal tensions, evokes solitude and the embodiment of distress resulting from societal norms and expectations regarding our appearance and emotions.

L’autre monde

As Susan Sontag pointed out in her essay “Sur la Photographie” in 1977, photography is inherently nostalgic: it transforms the present into the past. Through her series “L’autre Monde” (The Other World), Elodie Poirier explores the possibility of an organic world existing beyond reality: a fragile and ever-changing universe, belonging to the abysses of time. Through her images, the artist addresses our relationship with the passing of time, the fluctuating identity, and a shared destiny: the aging of the physical shell and the death of the soul.